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The Hot Wing King


"DuPaty and Thompson create a couple that are believably passionate, yet their love goes deeper than sexual attraction. Their arguments sting. Their flirtations are fiery. And the characters are fully drawn individuals."

Thompson, in particular, has to play many different notes as Dwayne, the most buttoned-up conservative character in the show. He must be loving, supportive, adult and mournful, often in the same scene — and he also has to sing. It’s terrific work." - Benjamin Carr Arts ATL

2023 Alliance Theatre production of  _The Hot Wing King_, directed by Katori Hall_

The Royale

"We have a true crowned king played by note-perfect Calvin M. Thompson, who plays the Champ-to-Be with power, skill, and personality. Thompson captures the essence of bravery and embodies the skill and the isolation of a hero. Thompson’s 'Jay' stands for workers, for women, for brotherhood in those bad times–and now, when Black Lives Matter." - Barry David Horwitz on Royale from Theatrius

"Calvin M. Thompson gave a spectacular performance as Jay Jackson..." Two On the Aisle on the Top Ten Theatrical Experiences of 2017

"Thompson is first rate..." Emily S. Mendel on Royale from Berkeleyside

"Thompson is magnetically charismatic and cocky..." Sam Hurwitt on Royale from Mercury News

" and his performance alone should be motivation enough for you to get to Berkeley. Thompson displays an intensity and focus that is marvelous to behold. He is never less than fully present in every scene, and his character dominates the stage every moment he is on it. And that's as it should be, for his character is equally dominant—both in the ring and out of it. - Patrick Thomas on Royale from Talkin' Broadway

"Thompson gives a special kind of courage, but also egomania and swagger. He delivers Jay’s braggadocio with the musicianship of a preacher and virtuoso showmanship..."-  Lily Janiak on Royale from SF Gate

"Aurora scores a clear's a triumph for the director, and the entire cast. Especially true for Thompson who was completely drained at the curtain call." Leo Stutzin on Royale from Huff Post

Joe Turner's Come And Gone

"Thompson (Herald Loomis) is the key individual in one of my favorite scenes in recent memory...It's harrowing. The audience sits breathless... It's quite an act, beautifully portrayed by the actor, and leaves the audience dazed...a physical tour de force, and I know of very few actors who could carry it off as successfully as Thompson."- Peter Nasan on Joe Turner's from BroadwayWorld

"Equally powerful is Thompson's Herald, whose tortured portrayal is mosaic of loss of family and heritage. Thompson's emotional range traverses into intense internal and external rage, guilt and despair, most notably during the end of Act One. But Thompson transforms this poisonous emotional concoction into courage and grace. This is a shining moment for this complex character."- Peter A. Balaskas on Joe Turner from Splash Magazine

"Thompson, who plays Loomis, delivers pathos and rage, yearning and confusion with force and commitment...Thompson was a jugguernaut...I was blown away. Unforgettable performance." - T.D. Mobley-Martinez on Joe Turner's Come And Gone from Colorado Springs Gazette

"Thompson navigates complex challenges as Herald...he sometimes scary, yet's also warm and trying to do right by his daughter. This are hard traits to juggle, but Thompson does as well as anyone could."- from Tampa Bay Times 

“…very convincing (his) assumed identities. Seeing Thompson struggle with grief as King prepares to lose his own life, I believed him, and nearly wept with him.” Kate Powell, Colorado Gazette


“a superb performance…Thompson soars. Through his diligent labor and imagination, we meet a new version of an American titan. In Thompson’s hands, King is not merely a tragic hero. He’s a man with brutal migraines, and big dreams.”- David Ramsey, Colorado Gazette

 The Mountaintop 


"Thompson infuses Floyd with a great deal of passion and drive..." Christi Esterle on Seven Guitars from Broadwayworld

Seven Guitars

"Thompson (Floyd) struts, strums, and talks trash just like one would expect from a budding blues musician. He's a cad, but he's cute charming and vulnerable. His acapella version of 'The Lord's Prayer', it's not often that an actor or song can bring tears to my eyes, but his soulful prayer for his mother did it for me."- Billy Wheeler on Seven Guitars from Theatre Blogspot Colorado 

A Lesson Before Dying

"The two lead actors offer vivid and affecting performances. Thompson is both compelling and nuanced as Grant..." - Paul Hyde on A Lesson Before Dying from Greenville Online

Voodoo Macbeth

"Calvin M. Thompson and Erica Sutherlin deftly play out the couple's descent into homicidal insanity with both charisma and nuance. As Macbeth, Thompson gives another stirring performance, bringing back that brooding intensity..." - Julie Garisto on Voodoo Macbeth from Tampa Bay Times

A Raisin In The Sun


"Thompson, who portrayed Walter, definitely owned that character. He made the audience feel what Walter was feeling; pain, joy, love and laughter.." - Quinta Thomas from The Scribe

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